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Park's Martial Arts - We Build Black Belts with Character

Steeped in tradition, we are the first Park's Martial Arts School in the United States and are passionate about preserving the sport of Taekwondo.

Do you want to tone up while learning amazing high kicks and self-defense moves but have no previous experience? No problem!

Beginners, Black Belts, and everyone in between is welcomed. We treat total beginners or those rocking full on black belt status with the same level of respect and are dedicated to making you shine!

Why? Because we see students. Not status. The students and families are the heart of the school and Park's Martial Arts challenges them to become better martial artists and better individuals.

Grand Master Park's indomitable spirit and dedication to provide "the highest accuracy of martial arts training in the world!" is a living dream that he sees EVERY DAY through his Students.

Read the schools amazing history below and reach out with any questions you may have. We can't wait to hear from you!

Park's Martial Arts History

Grand Master Jung Soo Park, 9th Degree Black Belt with over 50 years experience in Martial Arts, established the first Park's TaeKwonDo Federation School in the United States in 1965. Grand Master Jung Soo Park takes pride in the Park's Martials Arts Schools having the traditional roots and teaching the true authentic culture of TaeKwonDo.

Grand Master Jung Soo Park began his diversified training at the age of twelve. Unlike most martial artists in his native country of South Korea, Grand Master Park studied under several different "Kwans"(different systems of Tae Kwon Do training) instead of only one style. Before 1971, there were several Kwans in Korea: Ji Do Kwan, Moo Duk Kwan, Song Moo Kwan and "Chang Moo Kwan" (this was Grand Master's main style, it was the hardest and most respected fighters of all "Kwans"). The Kwans later came together and unified alfl the "Kwans" to form the Art of "Taekwondo." Grand Master had the great opportunity to study with the late General Choi, who became the President of the International Taekwondo Federation, and introduced Grand Master to the other traditional forms of Korean Martial Arts. This opportunity to study all the different Kwans set Grand Master on his journey to becoming one of the greatest Grand Masters of all time.

Grand Master Park graduated from Pusan University in South Korea and then served in the U.D.T (Underwater Demolition Team) R.O.K Naval Intelligence Division. During this challenging Naval Career, Grand Master was still diligently training and developing his martial arts skills. He was the Navy's Taekwondo champion for many years during his service.

In his journey to U.S. he sacrificed and left his family behind in Korea, and arrived in USA in 1972 with little money and his Do Bok (uniform) and Black Belt ready to teach. During this time, martial arts were gaining great interest in America and the demand for quality instructors was high.

Fortunately, Grand Master's reputation in "Tae-Kwon-Do" preceded him and he was offered a position to teach martial arts at the Air Force Academy in Colorado by the US Government. Grand Master Park then moved to Texas to instruct at the Forth Worth Military Base. He opened his first school on July 15, 1965 (Grand Master Park's Birthday) while his wife Jeong and three children: Cheong, Shick, and Cheong Me remained in Korea.

The Park family was separated for more than three years and was finally united in 1976! During this time, Grand Master was living in a very small room in the back of his school in order to save every dime for his family's arrival. The first few years were very difficult for the Park family, being the first generation new to the western culture and language they struggled like many immigrants do in this country. They still had to live in the Taekwondo school in order to make ends meet, living without many of the comforts that most people take for granted. But, Grand Master was dedicated to his goal of teaching and soon his school's reputation grew locally and around the communities. Grand Master ventured off to many other states: Texas, California and New York to open Taekwondo schools and also broaden his own knowledge and experience of what U.S. culture was like.

Finally, the Park family came to South Florida in the early 1980's. They established many Park's Martial Arts schools throughout both Broward and Palm Beach Counties. It is here, in South Florida, where Grand Master Park has established strong roots for the Headquarters schools and family. Grand Master's unyielding spirit is the foundation on which the Park's Organization is built on; the Park's Martial Arts has branched internationally to Korea, London, Dubai, New Zealand, Ireland, Newfoundland, Mexico, and Canada. Grand Master Park's Curriculum is still practiced by new generations of black belt students, masters, and other grand masters who have traveled to South Florida to get Tested and Certified thru Grand Master Park's seal of approval.

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